World war 2 -Holocaust Remembrance Sculpture

Blacksmith Forged Metal Sculpture for the Holocaust Center in Hatfield Rd. Concept was conceived by Artist David Liknaitsky, interpreted and manufacture piece by Alon Fainstein, with project funding by the Kaminer family for the Museum in Cape Town.

Alon with the Kaminer family who funded the project and David Liknaitsky

Project description

Poet Rutha Rosen thoughts on sculptor David Liknaitsky’s sculpture “Requiem” which stands in front of  the Cape Town Holocaust & Genocide Centre 

This Haunting sculpture takes us back to the inhumanity of our not Too distant past, and serves, in its elegant way, to remind us of that which cannot be forgotten. The figures in the foreground, the men, women and children, await  their fate that the restless spirits, who lurk between the walls of the concentration camps and the gas chambers, know only too well. And we as observers become restless too – we know the fate of those who are waiting. Yet the looming towers, that stand bold and strong, draw us back into the present As monuments to our resolute commitment – Never Again!